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My Flight

Mariya, New York

Dear Miki!

Thank you so very much for giving me hope that a nightmare called 'traveling on a plane' might be over.
I flew from NY to MCO with my husband, baby and a cat and was relaxed for the first time in 13!!! Long years...

I was a bit tense during the turbulence but still WHAT A RELIEF!
Hopefully it is a new start for our family to start new adventure by traveling the world.
Wishing all the best to you and your family. Wishing you luck in your professional such interesting career as a pilot.
Sincerely, Mariya O from New York

I was not afraid at all


Dear Miki,

Thank you for a very effective seminar, I very much appreciate your concern about my fear of flying. Thanks a million.

The flight to Toronto was too long , but it was fine - I was not afraid at all.



(Wife) Tatyane Vichnevskey

(Daughter) Alona Vishnevsky

I don't know where to start from...

Roni Moran

Dear Miki,

I don't know where to start from....
I want you to tell all the people that are afraid of flying that you can be over it. Just tell them about me. So after 12 hours to NY, 5 hours waiting and another 10 hours to Argentina all by myself for the first time, I can actually say that it was not so bad...
The flight was amazing!!! I want you to know that I did everything you told me especially when there were turbulence and it helped me a lot. I even fell asleep and that never happened to me..
Before I met you I really thought I wont be able to do it and see my boyfriend, which by the way wants to thank you too!!!!

And now all I have left to do is to tell you THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope next time I will fly with you...

Thanks again,
Roni Moran.



Hi Miki,

I took part in your course 6 month ago, soon later I was flying to India. The flight was great, I had a great time and now it is the time to fly back.

Thank you very much,

That was the turning point


Dear Captain Katz,
I'm truly indebted to you for giving me the courage to fly, and giving me my FREEDOM back.
In my case, it's actually my whole family that is grateful. After my brother and sister flew to NY and told me how relaxing it was, even I had to admit to myself that there was a good chance that the plane would actually arrive just fine to NY :-) A lot of the things you said in your seminar took a couple of weeks to set in, but they all did.
That was the turning point.

Thanks again!

You totally understand me



I am so glad that you totally understand me. No one can understand my worries and my family think I am crazy and worry too much.
I hope to fly soon from NY to Hong Kong

Back in NY


Hi Miki

Wanted to contact you earlier, but a combination of jetlag and trying to catch up on so many things prevented me.

Firstly want to thank you for the talk we had before we flew. I sat and thought of what you had told me when our flight hit very bad turbulence! I was completely in control of myself, although it wasn't easy! However I got through the flights and despite the turbulent weather in both directions coupled with the very long flights, I coped pretty well. Many thanks.

Our next trip is a few days in London in August.

Best regards and thanks


All in all a fantastic experience

D. F

Hi Miki,

We are in New York, arrived safe and sound (of course,
right?) Friday morning and it was a BEAUTIFUL wonderful flight, completely smooth and quiet.
All in all, a fantastic experience, one I hope to repeat in a week on my return flight. Both my husband and I were able to sleep for a good 3-4 hours at the beginning of the flight, then for several more hours here and there.

Thanks again for your continued support. And by the way, Giora believes (and I think he is right) that part of the reason that the flight went so well was that I did not have time weeks and months of time beforehand to get nervous and worried. So I told him that from now on he will be "in charge" of our trips to the usa (I mean he should not tell me about any arrangements till 2 days before leaving like now) and I will be in charge of our trips to Europe!!!

Hope you are well.
Best regards

Miki hi

Gilad JA

I'm writing to u from Hong Kong.
I wanted to tell u that I had such good flight…

Thanks for everything

Hong Kong

Hi Miki

Sheila Spiro

Hi Miki

Time has passed since I have arrived back from New-York and yet I am still amazed that I actually made it-I managed to fly there and back without feeling terrified!

For more than ten years, I have avoided flying as much as possible and only when it was impossible not to-I flew, everytime having to go through a dreadful experience. The fear I had, possessed me from the minute I knew the date of my flight, as I got on to the plane and throughout the flight. When the plane rocked, I was sure we were falling, and I thought I could die of fear, literally.
It is amazing how this has all passed.

In my last flight to N.Y. and back-I felt good- and of course due to all I learnt from the course I did before my flight. The information you gave, and the way you did it- reduced my anxiety tremendously and probably makes it possible for me to fly whenever I need to, as I have now experienced a flight with no fear! I could even look around while going through a turbulence at other people, see their frightened expressions and think to myself how lucky I am to be able to relax.

I cannot express enough how I appreciate your help and kindness, and the fact that your program taught me ways of coping with all the difficulties I had regarding flying- which really makes a difference to my life. It is unbelievable how your
Relaxed Flight program helped me to overcome my fear- I thank you so.
I also thank you Miki for being so supportive when needed and answering my calls whenever- and wherever you were, so as to help me once more.

All the best,

Sheila Spiro



Pamela Richmann

Your course made such a difference to my life. Before I participated in it I flew every few weeks to London to visit my elderly parents, but each time I got on the plane I was a nervous wreck. I was absolutely terrified, and had it not been that I wanted to see my parents, and even more important, they wanted to see me, so I had to fly, I would not have flown at all.
My first flight after the course was so different. Firstly I slept the night before my flight – something I never managed to do! I was relaxed on the journey and even when we met with turbulence I remained calm and was totally in control of myself.
I am quite sure that had I not done the course I would no longer be flying at all. However, the course opened up doors for me and I have flown to the USA and back twice in the past few months – something which I haven’t done for many years. I am relaxed on flights and can cope with both take off and turbulence – until the course they were the hardest part of every flight. I have even managed to calm down other passengers on flights during bad weather – a real turn around for me!
Miki, I really can’t thank you enough for giving me the confidence to fly, and just so that you know, when it gets turbulent, I sit quietly and recall what I learned on the course!
Pamela Richmann

Dear Miki

Shiri Ron

Dear Miki,
My flight to Thailand was GREAT! I slept at least for 8 hours too. On my Flight back, I flew back with my boyfriend so it was much easier and also I felt really good after flying alone and handling it.
Thank you so much for everything, I feel like a new person.
Shiri Ron

Hi Miki

D. F. Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Hi Miki,
Well, I have returned safe and sound from a wonderful and amazing trip to Amsterdam. The flight to Amsterdam was great, Both my flights, both coming and going, were almost completely without turbulence!!! Was I just very lucky, or is this a route that is known for less turbulence than others? I am just very curious!! So now you know why I felt the flights were very good. I slept for a long time on the way there, since it was 4AM when the flight left. On the flight home, leaving at 1PM, I did not sleep, but I was feeling OK.
Amsterdam itself was great; we had a marvelous time, very nice and warm people, and wonderful sights. It was a great "getaway" for a short time and we, especially, need it from time to time. Hopefully we will be able to do it more and more often.
Thanks again for your help and comforting talks.
Best regards,
D. F. Amsterdam

It is a big thanks letter

Moses David Ovitz
Malaga, Spain

As you can see I am writing from Spain and yes this is a big thank you letter. I hope you will have a few minutes to read what happened to me after the seminar…
When I entered the plane at 6:45 I fell asleep!!! I woke up about two hours later, IN THE PLANE, with only three more people in the plane, all sleeping... - what happened was that there was a technical problem with the oven that warms the food, it was discovered right before departure so the plane went back to the terminal. All passengers went off the plane to the terminal except for the ones who fell asleep.... When the plane finally took off at 9:30, almost 5 hours later I was so amazed I could sleep in the plane, that I decided not to take any sleeping pills... the 5 hour flight was easy despite turbulences over Europe! Even the connecting flight was great and I landed safe and fresh in the evening. I did not even had the great relief when we landed, a feeling that I usually have – because I was not tense during the flights!! To summarize: two flights, a whole day of flying, technical problems, turbulence, and no pills and almost no bad feelings!!!
I am very impressed with the effect of your great seminar and would like to thank you for what you did - after six months of worrying, it is a great feeling not to worry so much :)
Moses David Ovitz

What a flight

Dr. Ian. and M. Ratchavsky
Sydney, Australia

We have arrived safely in Australia, after two very long flights.
We are very grateful to you for all your help with your program. Before attending the Relaxed Flight Seminar, we could never have imagined taking such a long journey by plane. Even short flights filled us with fear. Your program helped to reassure us that flying is safe and can even be enjoyable.
We relaxed and slept on the flight, and arrived feeling refreshed.
We would not hesitate to recommend your program to anyone who feels apprehensive about flying.
With many thanks,
Dr. Ian. and M. Ratchavsky

I arrived at the USA

Dorit Fisher
Richmond, VA

Dear Miki,
I am writing to you from my home in Richmond, Virginia. This means that I survived my flights to New York, another one from New York to Orlando, Florida and another today from Orlando to Richmond.
I cannot begin to tell you how surprised and amazed I was that they all went quite smoothly for me and I felt amazingly calm and unafraid. I used your "mantra" every time there was turbulence and I said to myself what I have learned in the seminar. IT WORKED!! The flight attendants were very very nice and helpful, it was clear to me that you had told them about me and they made an effort to be especially nice and comforting.
I truly did not fully believe that it would go as well as it did until I actually went on a flight and I appreciate all the support and help that I received from you.
Many many thanks again
Best regards, Dorit Fisher

A different flight to China

Ra. E
Beijing China

Hi Miki,
I have just returned from my trip to China after attending your seminar on 5/8/04. I must say that the fact I that knew more about the airplane and noises during the flight helped me a lot to cope with the flights.
Flying is still not easy for me but I feel that I have the right tools to deal with flights now. It was very important for me to find this way to deal with the flights issue as its part of my job and I have already considered changing my job. Now I feel I can deal with it and keep working at the job I like so much.
Thanks a lot
Ra. E

I was not afraid

London, UK

Hi Miki,
I was in London last week and my flight back was on a 777 from. I wanted to tell you that this was one of my greatest experience I ever had.
I was not afraid, it is a really nice plane and I was listening to your audio program. It was really nice.
But I really hope that the my last flight on the 777 has taken my fear from me forever !!!
With Best Regards,

It becomes better from flight to flight

Meital Edelis
Chicago, IL

Hi Miki,
I came back a week ago, had 4 transatlantic flights plus 4 domestic flights inside the U.S. I flew again with my little one and a lot of fears. To tell you the truth it becomes better from flight to flight. I took with me to the flight your CD (I guess Continental needs to learn from you!) and during the flight I was listening to you ----- it helped. Each turbulence, each noise I was thinking about you and what I have learned in the seminar...
You were declared by me as my guru
Eventually nothing happened
I'm looking forward for more relaxed flights…
Best regards and thanks a lot, Meital Edelis

My great flight to Sydney

Sydney, Australia

I'm on my way to the airport to fly to Sydney. I had dinner for the first time in my life before a flight. I'm still anxious about flying but its much better.
thank u Gilad

I am still amazed that i made it

Sheila Spiro

Hi Miki

Time has passed since I have arrived back from New York and yet I am amazed that I actually made it – I I I

I managed to fly there and back without feeling terrified!.

The program taught me ways of coping with all difficulties.

It is unbelievable how your program helped me to overcome my fear - I thank you

All the best


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