‘Relaxed Flight’ DVD program

The 'Relaxed Flight' DVD program is based on the most effective courses available today for overcoming fear of flying: thousands of fearful flyers in the world have learned to conquer their fears and are flying today thanks to this program. They fly with confidence , with a sense of relief and comfort.
The ‘Relaxed Flight’ DVD program is introduced by Michael Katz who is an active Boeing 777 Captain and a fear of Flying expert since 1993. This unique program goes beyond teaching you to cope with the fear of flying. It also provides effective tools for coping with the aircraft as a closed space and other phobias related to flying. For more information…
Topics covered in this DVD:

The commercial aircraft

Aviation weather and turbulence

About Fear of Flying

Flying and Claustrophobia

The flight crew

The media and fear of flying

Aviation weather and turbulence
Sounds and noises

A real flight simulation

Aircraft maintenance

Air traffic control

Aviation Security

Tips for relaxed flight

And many more!

DVD Price: 39.95$
S&H: 4.99$

What people say about this program:
"Captain Miki Katz relaxed flight program changed my life..."
Keren A. New York

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