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Download Relaxed flight

Relaxed Flight with Captain Miki Katz

Now you can download the program to your PC or PDA!

An audio program for a relaxed flight

A. flight safety concern:   

1. Relaxed Flight
2. Takeoff and climb to cruising altitude
3. Flying in turbulent weather conditions (Is it danger?)
4. Descending and landing
5. Who are the pilots flying us?

B. environment concern:

1. Relaxed Flight
2. Preparing for the flight (Including tips for claustrophobics)
3. How the flight crew prepare the flight
4. About bird hazard
5. Health and comfort on board

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The Relaxed Flight Audio program consists of 17 topics. The two downloading options A and B include some of the most interesting topics. If you're more concerned about flight safety we recommend you to choose List A. if you're more concerned about closed spaces and environment we recommend you to choose List B. For the complete program of 17 topics please order the Audio CD. Thousand of fearful flyers around the world are listening to the program already.

The Relaxed Flight Audio program does not intend to replace any kind of treatment or advise you might need but it can help you to prepare for a relaxed flight.

If you have any problem with downloading the files please contact us at: miki.tofly@gmail.com

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