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Relaxed Flight © audio
The new audio program for airlines

EL AL Israel airlines
Qantas Airways Australia
DTI Canada

Flying is a very interesting experience. Passengers of all kinds and of various experience and age have shown they are keen to know more about their flight. For the first time ever, interesting information is being brought to the passengers by an airline Captain, through the new Relaxed Flight Airlines version audio program. Many passengers not considered fearful flyers fly with some level of tension so the program is aimed at all the passengers.


  • Makes the flight much more interesting and relaxing experience
  • Creates calm environment, contributes to the passengers confidence
  • Reduces chances of panic attack and Airage
  • Improves passengers service
  • Commercial impacts
  • Reduces flight crew workload
  • Continuous attention to worried passengers
  • Enhances passengers loyalty and the Airline reputation, image and credibility
  • ROI program

Flight Crew Testimonials
"This program is a must! This is a true service tool. I was getting so many positive responses from passengers. Even I myself have learned so much about the flight while listening to the program on D/H flights"...
Inbar W.
Cabin crew member

…" Many passengers keep on asking us questions about the flight. The workload in the cabin would not normally allow us to answer all these questions. And here comes such an effective program. I can refer all kind of passengers to this program"…it's a must also for the flight crews themselves"…
Ateret Z.
Cabin crew member

…" What makes the program so effective is the fact that the information is being brought to the passengers by a senior Captain. The program has an immediate influence on passengers…"
Orna L.
Cabin crew member

…" The program has a very high added value both to passengers and to the flight crews"…
Yehiam K
Cabin crew member

…" A beautiful program that contributes to us as much as to the passengers."...
Irit Z.
Cabin crew member

…" I have heard about the program so I have listened to the entire program on my D/H flight to NYC. There are so many things that I didn't know. The calming voice of the Captain Miki Katz has a major effect on the program"…
Tali N.
Cabin crew member

…" I found the program very useful to and interesting even for the frequent travelers"… 14/03/05
Dan S.
In flight service manager

…" I was proud to know that complicated flight topics could be brought to the ordinary passenger in such a simple friendly way"…
Gideon R.
Captain B777


  • Unique audio program for airlines
  • Fulfilling passengers’ curiosity and interest on flying
  • Very effective tool for on board stress and relaxation
  • Aimed to all the passengers of all ages
  • Matches with the “Passengers stress cabin crew training program” and the “fearful flyers service plan” (see below)

For more information please contact us at: miki.tofly@gmail.com

Stressed passengers - Flight crew training program©

About stressed passengers

  • The majority of the passengers fly with some level of tension stress or anxiety
  • Fearful flyers deserves more attention
  • Stressed passengers is a universal phenomena
  • 25-30% of population is affected by fear of flying.
  • The flight crew meets the fearful flyers when their stress level is at its peak
  • Most Airlines do not train their flight crews to cope with stressed passengers.

Flight crew training Program benefits

  • Improving passenger service
  • Contributes to airline crew proficiency
  • Significant marketing implications
  • Could prevent panic attacks Airage or aircraft return to the gate
  • For the stressed passengers - A dream comes true
  • Improving passengers loyalty and airline image
  • Matches with the "Relaxed Flight Airlines Audio" ©Program

Note: the program has been purchased by ELAL Israel Airlines

It has prevented already several aircraft gate returns after push back.

For more information about the Stressed passengers – Flight crew training program ©
please contact us at: miki.tofly@gmail.com

Fearful flyers - airline special service package©

  • Few easy steps granted by your airline could make a whole different when handling fearful flyers.
  • Special arrangements at the reservation, ground handling and some on-board arrangements could make the flight a dream comes true to 35% of the population who are affected by the fear of flying.
  • This is a unique and low cost program that will upgrade your airline image and reputation among your passengers.
  • This unique "Fearful flyers special service package"© has commercial impacts.
  • Matches perfectly with the "Flight Crew Training program"©

This special program has been adopted by ELAL Israel Airlines

For more information please contact us at: miki.tofly@gmail.com

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