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Overcoming Fear of flying seminar

The full day seminar consist of a presentation that covers all aspects of fear of flying including flight safety related issues, flying in turbulent weather, security, flight crew training, psychology aspects, who are the pilots flying you, how the aircraft fly, claustrophobia and flying, and more.

The Relaxed flight Seminar was the first program in the world to introduce the "One day seminar" which is one of the most effective ways to overcome fear of flying.

Participating in the seminar does not mean that you would have to expose your personal concerns about flying. This is not a "support group" type of a meeting neither is a "group workshop". Just lean back and enjoy the presentation.

Meditation or psychological treatment is not part of the program. According to the Relaxed Flight program, concentrating on the history or on the reasons that have caused one to be afraid of flying or claustrophobic is very interesting but in most cases can not necessarily help or change the situation. Looking positively on future flights is much more effective.

Answers to all your questions are answered by a senior active Captain who is also an expert on fear of flying and claustrophobia. Effective tools especially such as how to cope with flying in turbulent weather and with the closed space of the aircraft are provided in the seminar. This is why the 'Relaxed Flight' seminar is so effective.

Following the seminar, you will be offered a follow up support by Captain Miki Katz.

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