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FAQ - Fear of flying

Q: Where are the courses taking place ?
A: The fear of flying courses are taking place in New York, New Jersey and L.A

PLease register throught the site or send us email with the title:

Fear of flying New York - Fear of flying L.A
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Q: How does this huge heavy metal aircraft stay in the air? It seems a miracle to me.
A: One of the topics in the fear of flying seminar covers the Aircraft. A thorough explanation of how an aircraft flies is part of the Relaxed Flight programs (both the seminar and the DVD that will soon be available) in order to let you fly without fear. It is not only interesting, but once and for all you'll get the basic facts about how an aircraft flies. This is one of the most common questions that we pilots are being asked by passengers of all ages.

Q: My husband is a senior manager. He practices all kinds of sports some of which are really dangerous, but at the same time he is afraid of flying. Could you believe it? What should I do? He avoids air travel and it is affecting our relationship.
A: This is very typical, so I can believe it. Fear of flying affects people regardless of their gender, age, background, education, previous travel experience, socio- economic status or even extreme sport activities. His fear is real and you have to understand and support him. He would like to fly but he'll do everything he can to avoid it. Typically, he does not believe that something can help this situation.In most cases of fear of flying it will be the surrounding friends or family members who will search for solutions rather than the person himself. the fearfull flyer needs to understand that there is a way to overcome this fear of flying. Tell him that you came across this web site offering courses, and that so many others like him have taken the seminar,and now fly with confidence. Assure him that there is no real reason why it wouldn't help him, too.

Q: How do you achieve all of this in only one day?
A: The Relaxed Flight Seminar consists of frontal presentation covering all the aspects you need to know. Of course this could be done over a series of meetings spread over several weeks or even months. Instead, we choose to hold the seminar over one whole day. We find this approach more effective, as well as being in keeping with the philosophy behind the seminar. Fear of flying is a real problem and we are proud to recognize how effective the 'Relaxed Flight Seminar' is. It took 6 years of study to develop it, the seminar is being held for more that 9 years now and the positive results are evident. This is not a psychological treatment, not a "support group", "workshop", 'meditation' or form of breathing exercise of any kind. It is straightforward, informative and what’s more, it works. In fact some other seminars in the US and abroad have followed the example of the Relaxed Flight Seminar and changed their program to one day. Today, even by special request, we will not divide the one day seminar into parts. Don't forget that following the seminar, you will be able to address questions to Captain Miki Katz by e-mail at any time.

Q: : I don't care much about flight safety because my main concern is the simple fact that the aircraft is closed and there is no way out once you're in. As a pilot, how could you help me?
A: About 30% of fearful flyers suffer from being in a confined space. Unfortunately, most programs and treatments either ignore this or don't offer any real answer to claustrophobia. This is why most sufferers from claustrophobia are frustrated. There are no promises but the Relaxed Flight Seminar and DVD offer some of the most effective tools for flying with claustrophobia. About 30% of the Seminar participants suffer when in enclosed places. Typically they don't ride on elevators or trains; they don't take the tube (underground) and they would avoid flying as much as possible. In fact, some of the most amazing success stories of the Relaxed Flight Seminar involve sufferers from claustrophobia including people who have never flown in their life before.

Q: : My fear of flying is unique. I've tried other methods to help me deal with this fear, but nothing has worked. Why do you think your method would work?
A: Typically, most fearful flyers think that their fear is "unique" and "special". The good news is that there are so many fearful flyers and most of them think the same… I have come across literally thousands of people like you and so I can assure you that unfortunately or fortunately, there is nothing unique or unusual about it. Fear of flying is so real and strong that it is not surprising that you feel that it's irresolvable, especially when other remedies have failed. We offer no guarantee, because helping people to overcome their fear of flying is not like purchasing an electrical appliance. However, I'm very pleased to say that the Relaxed Flight Seminar happens to be the most effective program available today to cope with fear of flying. The references you find in this web site were all written by people like you who started out feeling like you. Now, they all fly without fear. Your contribution towards solving the problem is MOTIVATION.

Q: I am not afraid of flying , but I am claustrophobic . Can this seminar help me?
A: About 30% of those who attend the seminar are claustrophobic.

Yes, the seminar is very effective not only for the fearfull flyers , but to claustrophobics as well.

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