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The Relaxed Flight Audio Program CD

Available today! The Relaxed Flight audio with Captain Miki Katz is the best available audio program for fearful flyers.

An audio program for a relaxed flight

CD: $ 8.99
Shipping: 3.99$

Qantas Airlines and EL AL have already chose Captain Miki Katz relaxed flight program. Now Available to you!

The only program purchased by Airlines!

Fear of flying help – Quick download

What's on the CD?

Topic list:
  1. Relaxed Flight
  2. Preparing for the flight (best available tips for claustrophobics)
  3. Engines start and taxing for takeoff (all those noises)
  4. Takeoff and climb to cruising altitude (this sudden power reduction after takeoff)
  5. Flying in turbulent weather conditions (is this danger? if not than why?)
  6. Descending and landing (what pilots are doing on landing)
  7. Who are the pilots flying us? (can I trust them? Why?)
  8. What affect the flight duration
  9. Why do we fly so high?
  10. Crew preparation for the flight (what pilots are doing when you're in the terminal?)
  11. Who is the autopilot? (can we fly without the pilots? Why?)
  12. About birds' strikes and airplanes (is it danger)?
  13. Flying over the Atlantic Ocean what's so special about it?)
  14. How we choose the landing runway?
  15. Health and comfort on board (about your health and DVT prevention)
  16. Recommended exercises during flight
  17. Have a pleasant flight
Although most air travelers are very curious about flying and enjoy it, there are many others who experience a certain degree of tension or apprehension when they fly. Most passengers don't feel comfortable in certain flying conditions such as when flying in turbulent weather or upon a sudden missed approach. Some passengers just don't feel comfortable because the aircraft is a confined place.

In "Relaxed Flight", you will hear professional explanations of a variety of topics related to the flight. The information is presented in straightforward, easy to understand language with relaxing background music. The program is intended for all passengers whether experienced travelers or first time flyers. Frequent travelers may find the program useful and informative while others may find it comforting and calming.

EL AL Israel Airlines and Qantas Airways (Australia) have chosen a special airline's version of the "Relaxed Flight" audio program as part of their in-flight entertainment audio program.

There is no doubt that flying can be a wonderful experience that can be enhanced by having more knowledge and information at our fingertips.

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