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Flying with Claustrophobia iPhone App, Fear of Flying iPad app. , Fear of flying help DVD

Please choose one of The Fear of Flying programs that is most suitable for your needs and Mobile/computer technology platform:

New! Flying with Claustrophobia iPhone App

It’s not uncommon for people with claustrophobia to avoid flying or completely refrain from it, for the simple reason that an aircraft is considered a closed space. If you are among the many people who suffer from claustrophobia, this program is for you. Many Claustrophobic are flying today thanks to this program.


New! Download Fear of Flying iPhone app!

Based on the most efficient Audio CD immediate help program available today for overcoming fear of flying. The relaxed flight Audio help program is now available as an iPhone app!


New! Fear of Flying iPad app.

The "Fear of Flying help program" app is based on the most successful course by Captain Katz that
has helped already thousands of fearful passengers internationally. Huge effort was made in the making of this extremely user friendly unique iPad app. : The footage was filmed in several continents and it is not only extremely interesting but also very helpful.

New! Fear of flying help DVD

Fear of flying help fear of flying expert New york, Fear of flying course new york, Overcoming fear of flying
Based on the most efficient course available today for overcoming fear of flying, The relaxed flight help program is now available on DVD! Introduced by Captain Michael Katz, This unique program goes beyond teaching you to cope with the fear of flying.

Fear of flying help CD

Feat of flying help program Overcoming fear of flying with captain Miki katz Flying without fear courses Connecticut
Relaxed Flight
An audio program for relaxed flight
The #1 Fear of flying program that
Will improve your confidence instantly!

Flying With Claustrophobia Help program

Claustrophobia treatments Fear of flying Courses Overcome Claustrophobia
This new Flying with Claustrophobia audio Program includes tips for preparing to your flight, on the flight, and will help you to cope with flying in this big bird and even staying in closed spaces.
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Fear of flying help – Quick download
Fear of flying downloads  fear of flying program  Los Angeles
Claustrophobia and Flying
After many years of experience in the field of fear of flying and Claustrophobia, Captain Miki Katz developed a unique program dedicated for
those who avoid flying because of Claustrophobia.

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